Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have started considering how the weather widget should look. I believe the renderings given to us by mozilla are a good start, however I would like to use a "icon/separator/drop down" method. This would be similar to the Facebook Like 0.2, where clicking on the main icon, an active tile of the current cities weather, would trigger a bubble containing different cities weather to be displayed and this would be separated from a drop down list that hold choices such as settings, cities, etc. I just feel this would be a cleaner approach.

The design of the music widget really depends on the service we choose, as we haven't chosen a service we can't begin to design it, although it shouldn't be far off the renderings given to us.

The Bugzilla widget is by far the least understood. To even begin designing it we need a lot more information from the Mozilla team. As we have discussed in a past meeting, we may display the number of new bugs, or overall bugs assigned to the person in a live tile. That is as far as we have got on the Bugzilla widget, which is a bit concerning. Because of this it would be nice to have some renderings for our client to look at, before next we meet.

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