Thursday, September 5, 2013

Add-Ons For Reference

We have been having a little trouble finding a good sample add-on to use as a reference to get started. Currently I have been dissecting an add-on called "Facebook Like 0.2". Its a pretty simple add-on, as it basically puts a Facebook "like button" on the toolbar, allowing the user to like websites/pages they have visited. It doesn't seem to work on all pages though. Anyways, since it is very simple it has been a great help in understanding how to create/structure an add-on. It also does a good job of showing how to display the add-on in a button on the chrome instead of on its own add-on bar. However, it does not reveal how to do live icons/buttons on the chrome, which is something that we would like to be able to do. Unfortunately the add-on is signed, so modifying it makes the browser believe it is corrupted. One should be able to get around this by removing the signature, thus making the creator info unknown, however I have had no such luck.

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