Below is a mockup for the weather widget. Like the central file menu, it includes three main buttons on the bottom, but in this case the Quit button has been replaced with an Uninstall option. The hope is that standardizing the way that the widgets appear should allow the user to more easily configure and navigate through the widget. A blue highlight is applied to the information regarding the current city. Information like the high and low temps are displayed to the right of the weather icons.

When the user presses the "Help" button on the button, the panel shifts to display useful information about how to use the widget. 

When the user clicks the customize button, like the help menu it slides over, it displays settings for the widget like city locations and display options.

If the user selects the last option, "Uninstall", they are given the option to uninstall or disable the add-on.

Below is the beginning of a mockup for the Bugzilla widget. All that is currently displayed is the number of new bugs in the icon.

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