Saturday, November 2, 2013

Progress Update

Our "beta" due date is Monday the 4th, so in anticipation I have been working like a mad man to finish this widget. The main things that were needed to be done were transitioning to yet another renovated copy of xul-manager, implementing live icons (using a canvas), including stylesheets, and fixing a few bugs. As of now I have transitioned and implemented a live icon. Although Eric Slenk, has found a way to include the stylesheets.

Since our Xul-manager does not allow contain functionality to handle live icons itself, I had to get crafty. The most difficult part about implementing it was getting the live icon to appear in the chrome before on view showing was called. This is because only when onViewShowing is called is the document set in the widget. Meaning canvas and other elements that were needed could not be created before, meaning a page worker was needed to handle the processing. On top of this fact, the weather information is also retrieved via a page worker. So having everything be in sync has been a challenge.
Also problematic was the fact that the weather widget required two different sizes of icons, one for the window like images and one for the standard thunderbolt, if no city is selected.

Right now we are still having bugs with the navbar panel. It does not let a button's click or command event fire without closing the panel. Therefore trying to create an interactive application when the panel doesn't want to stay open is impossible. We have been looking for a solution but have not found one that works 100%.

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