Thursday, October 24, 2013

Xul-Manager and Other Topics

This morning I noticed a few issues with our xul-manager, specifically it's lack of error checking in some cases. I only noticed it due to the fact that the widget would act slightly different when the browser console was open. I added a little bit of error checking and it functions considerably better, as in it functions the same regardless of whether the console is open or closed. But I feel that this module of ours could still use a good looking over.

Now, regarding the stylesheets. We have not been able to use external stylesheets because we needed to use chrome urls in the bootstrapped extensions, something we had no idea how to do. However, Dave figured this out and we should be able to now include stylesheets directly in the xul.

We now are finding that using jQuery is impossible, so the weather widget's xml parsing functions will have to be rewritten to not use jQuery. I would absolutely love to be able to use jQuery. It would significantly influence how I feel about writing add-ons for Firefox.

Also the hamburger menu panel does not currently expand to accommodate the size of the subviews, making horizontal scrolling necessary. It would be great if it could match the size of the subview, or at least up to the size of the browsers main window.

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