Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Transition to Xul-Manager

The weather widget is now using the xul-manager that we have created for handling the xul-injection, handling of multiple windows, etc.. It's not going as well as I had hoped, but it isn't going horribly. It seems that every time a problem is solved two more take it's place. Currently the weather widget can add a city, delete a city, favorite a city, and all that. However we are still kind of looking for a way to use a stylesheet and make requests in a reasonable manner. The weather widget can send off requests to get the woeid and forecast for the woeid, but they are asynchronous and it is not as simple as calling output_display() after returning from the function that contains the request. That is something that I would absolutely love to be able to do. Another thing is the use of jQuery would make my life so much easier. I had currently used jQuery for xml parsing, however now I have to find some other way of doing the parsing.

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